The Varsity, obituary: Remembering Laura Krajewski

Laura Krajewski, a recent UTM graduate who was set to begin her master’s degree at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, died in an accident while hiking near Etobicoke Creek on March 2. She was 24 years old.

Krajewski, who worked as a communications assistant at UTM’s Robert Gillespie Academic Skills Centre at the time, had recently graduated with an Honours Bachelor’s of Science in Biology in 2016. While pursuing her undergraduate degree, she was an avid environmental conservation volunteer.

Associate Professor Fiona Rawle spoke with The Varsity about the first time she met Krajewski. Rawle recalled how Krajewski approached her after attending her first lecture in BIO152, and how they got to know each other during her visits to office hours.

“She [had] this smile that’s very memorable,” said Rawle. She recalled how Krajewski had “an ability to make people feel at ease,” and how “supportive she was of everyone she interacted with,” such as students in her lab group.

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